Our Team


Amy Kathleen Lee

Amy Kathleen Lee is a former pre-professional classical ballet dancer and eating disorder survivor. Amy stopped dancing when she was seventeen due to a spinal injury. She founded Dancing With ED in 2013 after healing from an 18 year battle with bulimia brought on by the traumatic injury. At the start of her professional career, she worked as a Nationally Certified Massage Therapist but changed paths entering the behavioral health field due to her own diagnosis of Bipolar II disorder. She has worked as a Childrens Specialist in a Domestic Violence Shelter, a Paraeducator in Special Education, and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Human Services from the University of Phoenix. Amy is also a professional speaker, and works in her community of San Luis Obispo County, Ca. as an award-winning Mental Health and Eating Disorder Recovery Advocate. She is a member of the Suicide Prevention Council of San Luis Obispo, National Alliance for Mental Illness. She is a Certified Youth Mental Health First Aid Trainer, Q.P.R. for suicide prevention trainer, and speaker for the Stamp Out Stigma Speakers Bureau. Ballet has always been her passion, and in her heart, she will always be a dancer. She lives with her daughter on the Central Coast of California. You can contact her at amykwaddle@gmail.com

Board Secretary

Natalie Makardish

Founder of Empowered Artist Training (E.A.T.) and Fit Flow Fusion, Natalie Makardish has developed unique curricula and multifaceted kinetic approaches toward empowering her clientele through various healing modalities. Her interdisciplinary background in psychology, fitness, classical dance and theater invites an invigorating perspective toward educating and healing within the fitness, dance and eating disorder recovery communities. Natalie studied Dance, Theater and Psychology at the University of California, Irvine and went on to graduate school where she studied Depth Psychology at Sonoma State University. Her training in Jungian Analysis, Dance Movement Therapy and Sports Psychology compliments her movement repertoire as a movement specialist and mental health consultant. She has instructed and designed mindful-movement curricula for dance academies and fitness studios; facilitated therapeutic groups within intensive eating disorder and substance abuse treatment programs; and sits on two non-profit boards that provide awareness, education and resources for individuals and families who are on their path to healing and recovery from an eating disorder.

Board Treasurer 

We have a new board member joining us! Stayed tuned 

Advisory Board

Caroline Kerin Director of Finance Lutheran World Relief

Board - Caroline KerinCaroline Kerin resides in Baltimore MD with her husband and three kids. Most of her professional career has been with Non-Profit organizations and their finance department. Caroline has a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and is working on a Master’s degree in Accounting Information Systems. Caroline has a passion for helping vulnerable and marginalized. Caroline loves accounting and uses an organization’s financial data to tell its story. She is a lifelong learner and believes in the pursuance of excellence in all she does. In her free time, Caroline enjoys outdoor activities with her husband and children.


Kira Olson, Marriage and Family Therapist

Kira is a Marriage and Family Therapist Trainee in final completion of her Master’s degree at Western Seminary.  She completed her undergraduate studies at Taylor University in Indiana in Exercise Science and Psychology (2007).  Her experience has included working as a residential addictions counselor, providing life skills coaching for adults with developmental disabilities, managing an eating disorder nonprofit, and coordinating outreach and admissions for a residential treatment center.  She has also worked clinically in community mental health with clients experiencing eating disorders, anxiety, depression, addiction, and other complex mental health issues. 

As an athlete and dancer, Kira is passionate about movement and the correlation between mind, body, and spirit.  Through her own recovery journey, she has experienced a variety of relationships with movement and her body, both healthy and unhealthy.  Dance for her has become a powerful means of expression, healing, and connection to her body and others.  Her desire is to support Dancing With ED’s mission through community outreach, marketing, and education coordination and to help the dance community regain balance, freedom, and joy in dance.  

“Dance is the hidden language of the soul.” -Martha Graham