Body Talk


Body Talk is a workshop designed to teach the fundamentals of body image, self-talk, and identity to dancers through group discussions, personal sharing time and journal activities. 

Dancers will learn the meaning of compassionate language and how this language can improve their relationship with self and others. They will practice a conversation with their body through a simple journal writing activity, which they may keep after the workshop as a new self-care tool.

Dancers will learn these key concepts to apply to body image and identity:

  • I am more than my body.
  • I am enough, just the way I am.
  • I can be my body’s friend by using compassionate language and empathy.
  • I can use self-care tools to build a healthy relationship with my body and myself.

What dancers are saying about Body Talk

Something new I learned…
“To respect my body.”
“It is important to talk to yourself as a friend.”
“You are not your body.”
“It’s important to have a friendship with yourself.”

What I liked best about today…
“I left feeling inspired and free to be myself.”
“ I started to love my body.”
“Hearing that I’m not the only person going through this”
“You gave me more self-confidence.”


How old do dancers need to be to participate?

Body Talk workshops are designed for three different age groups and catered to the individual needs in each group: 9-12 yrs old, 13-18 yrs old, 19 yrs old and up.

How many dancers can participate in a workshop?

We ask for a minimum of 10 dancers, and no more than 30.

What kind of follow-up is there for dancers after the workshop?

Dancers will be offered local and national resources on body image, eating disorders and related issues.

*Contact Amy at for more information. 


 I Am Enough: A Body Journey Workshop for Dancers


Along the road of life, there are significant moments, life changes, things that mold us into who we are and who we will become.  Our bodies are no exception. They change, grow, and create a place in our world. Our bodies can become a focused part of ourselves, and we can forget we are more than our body. Our body is the part of us people can see, and sometimes, what others think and say affects the image we see in the mirror.


The purpose of this workshop is to connect and explore the moments we have in life that shape how we feel about our bodies. Participants will learn through group discussions, personal story and facilitation, and individual reflection.  

This workshop is for those who want to:

  • Learn to adopt the idea, “I am more than my goals, my dreams, what I do….”
  • Explore the moments in their lives that have shaped their relationship with their bodies.
  • Develop a strategic plan to challenge messages that contradict the “I am more” mindset.
  • Learn about resources to support the body journey.

How old do dancers need to be to participate?

Body Journey Workshops are designed for dancers ages 14 and up.

How many dancers can participate?

We ask for a minimum of 10 dancers, and no more than 20.

What kind of follow-up is there for dancers afterward?

Dancers are given local and national resources to refer to post-workshop.

I Am Enough: A Body Journey Workshop

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