Stages of Change: A Dancer’s Body Journey 2019

Through movement, dancers tell the story of the emotional journey through the stages of recovery that present in dancers of different communities and how the power of movement breaks the silence of eating disorders and addiction. Using the language of dance, we raise awareness of eating disorders, decrease stigma around mental health, and inspire dancers in recovery.

Check out the highlights from this year’s show!

Grey Matter – Performed by SRJC Touring Dance Company

Finding The Sacred Within Us By Deborah Brenner-Liss

Understory Performed by Stacie Lackler

The Weighting Room Performed by Chelsea Marie Hill

Cellophane Performed by Eduardo Sanabria

My Dance with ED Performed by Amy K. Waddle

“In Sharing These Things We Are United. We Are the Same. We Are One.” Performed By Haley Codoni

Videos coming soon!

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