October 20, 2019 Stages of Change: A Dancers Body Journey. Learn More







February 6, 2019, ED Hope Facebook Live

Facebook Events Page | Article: My Story








January 26, 2019, Bay Area Day for Dancers’ Health  




Denver Outreach Event At Ballet5280 | Flyer | Bio | Facebook Event Page


I Am Enough: A Body Journey Workshop Cal Poly State University | Flyer | PowerPoint

Bay Area Tour sponsored by Castlewood Treatment Centers Dinner Meet & Greet | PowerPoint | Flyer

I Am Enough: A Body Journey Workshop San Jose State University | PowerPoint | Flyer

I Am Enough: A Body Journey Workshop for Professionals | PowerPoint | Workshop Video

Cal Poly State University Dance Department Outreach Presentation | Flyer


Main Street Dance “Body Talk” Workshop 2016 | Amy presenting at workshop | Video (quiet in the beginning) | Part 2


Open Minds Eating Disorder Awareness Week Event Cal Poly, Ca. | Flyer


Resource Table at Suicide Prevention Forum for Transitions Mental Health Association


Class Act Dance Eating Disorder Educational Workshops

Paso Robles Dance Department Education Presentations “A Dancer’s Food & Body Journey” | PowerPoint

Main Street Dance “Dancers Nutrition and Self Care” Workshop