Embracing Change

SO much has changed…….

I start conversations with this phrase more often than I realize. Whether it be a friend I haven’t spoken to in a few months, or even a Doctor I see once a year for a check-up. Change is part of life; even when we don’t want it to be.

Growth occurs in life when we open ourselves to new possibilities, idea’s, opportunities. Most of those moments do not have a guarantee stamped on the box. Maybe ‘chance and change’ can be interchangeable.

In the past six months, Dancing With ED has become an official 501c3 charitable organization. If you would have told me a five years ago I would come this far…. let’s just say I wouldn’t believe it.

But it happened, because things changed.

Now that I see how much can be accomplished within myself and my recovery by making myself vulnerable, and putting myself out there, I will never stop changing.

In this coming year I have plans to take another BIG leap. We will see where I land.

I encourage you to think about your next leap; where it will take you, and where you will land.








How To Support Dancing With ED's Mission: 3 Easy Steps

I’ve had many dance parents, teachers, former dance professionals, eating disorder treatment providers etc… ask me how they can support my mission and nonprofit organization.


Here is how to support Dancing With ED:

  • Step One: We want you to like us… on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Then share with your friends, ask them to share with their friends….. because we want them to like us, too. Simple, right?
  • Step Two: Click on the DONATE page on the top menu of this blog ( or the button below) to give a tax deductible gift so we can do what we do, sharing the message “you don’t have to dance through this alone.”
  • Step Three: But, I have a question? What will you do with my donation? What am I giving towards? The donations collected will go towards creating a professional website; the stage where we share our mission. Sound like a cause you want to support?…. then go back to step two.

Or click below….


And don’t forget step one.

Who we are: Mission & Goals

We are a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to raising awareness of eating disorders in the dance community through online eating disorder education, resources and social media awareness projects. 

Our Goals:

To connect members of the dance community with members of the recovery community.

Build supportive dance environments, understanding and safe for those vulnerable to body image, and eating disorders.

Maintain awareness of recovery efforts, research and new treatments to the public members of the dance community.

Encourage healthy self-image, and body image, “progress not perfection” in all we say and do.

Raise awareness of recovery and balanced lifestyle choices through image galleries, forums, blogs, articles, focus groups.

Create an online support network, and recovery inspiration; all in one place.

You Are: A Recovery Poem

You Are:
Not your disease.
Not your choices.
Not your past hurts.
Not your future dreams.
You are more than all of that.
You Are:
Not your relationships.  
Not the mistakes you’ve made.
Not someone defined by outside sources.
Not the thoughts in your mind.
Not the skin on your body.
You are more than what you can wrap your mind around.
You Are:
Not what others think of you.
Not what others feel.
Not what others expect.
Not another person.
Not a disappointment.
Not worthless.
Not invisible.
Not your talent.
You are much more than you can wrap your mind around.
You are free.
You are.