How To Support Dancing With ED's Mission: 3 Easy Steps

I’ve had many dance parents, teachers, former dance professionals, eating disorder treatment providers etc… ask me how they can support my mission and nonprofit organization.


Here is how to support Dancing With ED:

  • Step One: We want you to like us… on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Then share with your friends, ask them to share with their friends….. because we want them to like us, too. Simple, right?
  • Step Two: Click on the DONATE page on the top menu of this blog ( or the button below) to give a tax deductible gift so we can do what we do, sharing the message “you don’t have to dance through this alone.”
  • Step Three: But, I have a question? What will you do with my donation? What am I giving towards? The donations collected will go towards creating a professional website; the stage where we share our mission. Sound like a cause you want to support?…. then go back to step two.

Or click below….

And don’t forget step one.

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