Founder’s message: By Amy Waddle

My name is Amy Waddle, a former pre-professional classical ballet dancer and eating disorder survivor. I lived with an eating disorder for 18 years; the dancing with Ed years. I struggled. I failed. I survived. I won. 

Since then (exactly 4 1/2 years) my life has entered a new phase what I call Dancing In Recovery. There’s a whole bunch of exciting stuff to share about that time in my life when Ed got kicked to the curb, and I got my life back. However, this isn’t the time to share it. You will hear it some day-probably in book format.

This blog is to serve as a connection to those struggling with: food, body image, dieting, perfectionism, self-doubt, weight, stress in recovery, mental health is a big one! We’ll throw some of that in there, too! The focus is for dancers, former dancers etc.

I’m always on the look out for new resources to add to my recovery repertoire. Look out for those!

There’s no way any of us can brave a new day, face our fears, be strong in our efforts to stay healthy, all on our own. I have found in my recovery from bulimia and bipolar disorder, the moment I stop reaching out is the moment I get sick, again, and again, and again. It’s just not possible for me to recover while not leaving my house, not taking my meds, not seeing my doctors, or writing in my journal. (or writing anything for that matter) Part of recovery, for me, is accepting that fact. Amy’s not super recovery woman. I tried for years until I realized recovery’s a team sport. Connection. Always feeling stronger when I’m learning and growing-not sitting still in my thoughts. That is scary.

Because I am a dancer at heart, and teach ballet time to time;  I love staying connected to dancers. Part of this blog is to share what I have learned about dance, ballet in particular, and how it relates to recovery. Love, love, love talking dance. Recovery and dance go hand in hand.

And with heart, and compassion, advocacy’s the next step. Becoming an advocate has meant putting myself out into the community, speaking and sharing my story. Discovering who’s working with dancers in recovery, learning all I can about the unique lifestyles and pressures, talking with doctors, nurses, therapists, parents, teachers with experience.

Great things are happening! Would love for you to be part of it.

Follow my blog, and remember you don’t have to dance through this alone. 

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