Dancing With ED is dedicated to inspiring all members of the dance community to love and care for their bodies through eating disorder awareness, outreach and education.

The non-profit organization Dancing With ED, Inc. was founded in 2013 by Amy Waddle. Through her non-profit work she is able to reach out to the dance community sharing her mission and passion of raising awareness of eating disorders in the dance community.

The Dancing In Recovery Blog is the home of Dancing With ED.


Dancing With ED’s Goals:        

  • To connect members of the dance community with members of the recovery community.
  • Build supportive dance environments, understanding and safe for those vulnerable to body image, and eating disorders.
  • Maintain awareness of recovery efforts, research and new treatments to the public members of the dance community.
  • Encourage healthy self-image, and body image, “progress not perfection” in all we say and do.
  • Raise awareness of recovery and balanced lifestyle choices through image galleries, forums, blogs, articles, focus groups.
  • Create an online support network, and recovery inspiration; all in one place.


Business Line 805-296-2600


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