Our Mission

Dancing with ED, Inc. is a nonprofit organization dedicated to inspiring all members of the dance community to love and care for their bodies through eating disorder awareness, outreach, and education.

Our Goals

  • RAISE awareness of eating disorders in the dance community.
  • CONNECT the dance community to eating disorder resources, including mental health education and support.
  • BUILD a supportive online community around eating disorders and mental health struggles dancers face.
  • CREATE workshops, camps, events and other educational activities focused on decreasing stigma, increasing understanding, and encouraging compassion for self and others.

Our Latest Projects

Dancing With Ed and SOL Innovations Talk Show, A Conversation To Remember

Twice a month SOL Innovations hosts "The SOL Dance Talk Show" where they discuss everything dance with a special guest. Their most recent special guest is Dancing With Ed's very own Amy Lee! Check out their riveting conversation for some valuable insights and fun anecdotes. The full podcast can be listened to here.


Taking Care of Your Mental and Emotional Health in the Age of COVID-19

This is a difficult time for everyone. Some of us have been unfortunate enough to be afflicted by COVID-19 and are working on our recovery, but some of us are struggling in other ways as well. From job losses to isolation to losing valuable connections and losing valuable life pleasures, this is a very challenging time. It naturally takes a toll on our mental and emotional health and we can be left wondering what to do. Amy Lee and the Alliance For Mental Wellness (AFMW) discuss this and much more on AFMWs latest talk. Watch the full thing here.

Dancing with ED Newsletter

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Pointing To Recovery

The Pointing to Recovery Project's goal is to share the message "you dont have to dance through this alone" with dancers in eating disorder recovery. If you are interested in participating in the project or to learn more click here.




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